Australian Centre for Water
and Environmental Biotechnology

AWMC Seminar Program: Bingzheng Wang

Understanding the Biodegradation Process of Selected Antibiotics by Enriched Nitrifying Sludge


Abstract: Micropollutants are currently a worldwide issue with increasing environmental concern due to their significant threat to the aquatic wildlife and human beings at very low concentrations. While most micropollutants cannot be efficiently eliminated in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), the capability of nitrifying bacteria in enhanced degradation of a wide array of micropollutants has been reported by many studies. Antibiotics are a typical kind of micropollutants in wastewater which pose severe adverse effect on the environment and human health. However, it is still largely unknown about the biodegradation processes of these compounds in the nitrification process. In particular, the fate of antibiotics in WWTPs have not been well understood with regard to the changes in the composition and metabolic activity of the microbial community involved and the potential chronic impact on bacterial components of the microbial ecology. This PhD research is aiming to study the biodegradation process of selected antibiotics, i.e., cephalexin and sulfadiazine, by an enriched nitrifying sludge, focusing on the cometabolic biotransformation processes, the change of the metabolic activity, the cellular response of the enriched nitrifying sludge and the chronic impacts of the antibiotics on the microbial activity and community, as wells as the development of a detailed model for describing the processes.

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Date & Time: 
Friday, 04 November 2016
9am - 10am
Venue: AIBN Building 75, Level 1 Seminar Room

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