Australian Centre for Water
and Environmental Biotechnology

AWMC Seminar Program: Establishment and understanding of biofilm-based partial nitrification system

Partial nitrification is a critical step for the next generation short cut nitrogen removal process for wastewater treatment, in which a key challenge is the suppression of nitrite-oxidizing bacteria (NOB). Biofilm is a common platform for the attached growth of slow-growing organisms. However, because of significant difficulties to selectively eliminate NOB in biofilm, seldom has a stable and practical PN/A process been demonstrated in biofilm systems to date.

The purpose of this study is thus to comprehensively investigate the characteristics of biofilm structure and their effects on biofilm phenotype, microbe composition, distribution, and resistance. We will utilise four types of carriers, including conventional K5 carrier and three Z-carriers called Z-50, Z-200, and Z-400. Z-carriers have different exposure surface area patterns and protected surface areas in comparison to the K5 carrier, and particularly, Z-carriers can predefine biofilm protected surface area and thickness. Firstly we will study the nitrifying biofilm architecture and behaviours growing on different carriers under different conditions in MBBR systems, and analyse the mechanism of NOB resistance from the aspect of biofilm structure. Based on the new knowledge generated, novel technology to achieve mainstream PN process in MBBR system will be proposed.

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Event Details
Date & Time: 
Friday, 20 September 2019
9am - 10am
Venue: AIBN Building 75, Level 1 Seminar Room
  • Jing Zhao

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