Australian Centre for Water
and Environmental Biotechnology

AWMC Seminar Program: Peter Wardrop

Linking biological processes to solids behaviour & performance in anaerobic lagoons

Abstract: With the potential for low-cost renewable energy generation plus effective wastewater treatment, the economic and environmental benefits of covered anaerobic lagoons (ALs) are compelling. However, while ALs are a well-established technology, there are significant knowledge gaps regarding biological dynamics and solids behaviour. This leads to uncertainty regarding appropriate management strategies for optimising performance, particularly biogas production. This project will couple biological and physical analysis to develop understanding of how biological process influence solids behaviour such as sludge and scum layer development, and how these in turn influence process performance. Experimental work will utilise novel pilot systems, large-scale AL sampling and computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modelling which will utilise experimentally determined parameters including sludge shear and compression rheology. Outcomes of this work will allow water utilities and other industries to better plan and manage the impacts of variable conditions on AL performance, allowing for improved energy recovery and reduced operating cost.

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Date & Time: 
Friday, 15 April 2016
9am - 10am
Venue: Building 76, Room 228

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