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AWMC Seminar Program: Rural and Regional Water

Sustainability challenges for small and remote Queensland drinking water and sewerage service providers are very different to larger and more populated urban centres. We have speakers eminently experienced in regional and rural water quality challenges and issues, including Rob Fearon and David Cameron from Qld Water Directorate, and Michael Lawrence from Bligh Tanner.

Rob Fearon is qldwater’s Director, Innovation Partnerships and has been managing the Queensland Water Regional Alliance Program (QWRAP) since 2011.  He was the AWA regional service award recipient in 2018.  QWRAP explores regionalisation to address sustainability challenges for Queensland communities and has established three funded water alliances, two funded regions and four groups considering further collaboration covering the majority of the State. Rob will provide an update of QWRAP and an insight into the future of the program.

Dave Cameron has been qldwater’s CEO since 2011 and is a strong advocate of the Queensland Urban Water and Sewerage Services Industry’s unique structure to stimulate collaboration to deliver continuous improvement in services for Queensland communities. The Dial Before You Dig Water Connections Tour is almost as old as qldwater itself.  Each year it provides a chance for qldwater to connect with regional members, helping trouble-shoot but also giving regulatory and policy staff in various agencies an opportunity to experience the challenges of service delivery in regional and remote areas with limited resources.  The 2019 tour included 4 shires in south-west Queensland with a combined population of around 7,000 and combined service area of 226,000km2, roughly equivalent to the state of Victoria. Dave will provide experiences from the recent Water Connection Tour.

Michael Lawrence is an Adjunct Professor at the Advanced Water Management Centre at UQ and the co-chair of the AWA Rural Regional and Remote Specialist Network. He is a former research scientist of water quality in natural and built systems, and a former Regulator of drinking and recycled water quality. Michael is currently an Associate Director at Bligh Tanner where he is deeply involved in assisting water providers improve their water management. Michael will present Water: Highlighting dilemmas and challenging the status quo. Flood, drought, allocation, availability, quality, regulation. How do these intersect, and are we considering them appropriately? While all these issues impact us in the City, the reality in rural regional and remote areas becomes much more stark, and there are different constraints on the ability to respond. Michael will aim to challenge your thinking and promote discussion and change.

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Event Details
Date & Time: 
Friday, 06 September 2019
9am - 10am
Venue: AIBN Building 75, Level 1 Seminar Room
  • Rob Fearon, qldwater
  • Dave Cameron, qldwater
  • Michael Lawrence, Bligh Tanner

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