Australian Centre for Water
and Environmental Biotechnology

AWMC Seminar Program: Shihu Hu

Affordable and Sustainable Water Recycling through Optimal Technology Integration

Abstract: Wastewater management approaches are currently undergoing a significant paradigm shift from a public health and environmental protection focus, to becoming part of an overall integrated urban/industrial water cycle with maximal resource recovery objectives. This work investigates the adoption of novel technologies in wastewater treatment that can minimize environmental impacts and costs. The project consists of four phases: 1) a desk-top study. Novel technology options were selected and incorporated into two integrated treatment trains, which were then compared to a typical existing treatment train. In Phase 2, lab-scale studies are carried out to further evaluate the performance and design/operating parameters of the core processes. Phase 3 is a pilot-scale implementation of optimal process trains determined in phases 1 and 2. Phase 4 is the evaluation of environmental and economic benefits of the optimized process trains. The results of the project show that the novel treatment processes have the potential to significantly decrease the overall costs of wastewater treatment and are also environmentally beneficial.

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Date & Time: 
Friday, 30 September 2016
9am - 10am
Venue: AIBN Building 75, Level 1 Seminar Room

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