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Bligh Tanner’s Fitzgibbon Chase project

On Friday 4th of September we went on a live tour of Bligh Tanner’s Fitzgibbon Chase project. There was be a Q & A session following the tour.

The Fitzgibbon Chase project is recognised internationally as a new model for hybrid centralised/decentralised water supply systems. Bligh Tanner has created an innovative new water management model for a 114 hectare housing community in Brisbane that allows its water supply to grow as its population increases.

Recent drought, combined with population growth has increased the need to improve water security in Australia and to explore sustainable alternative water supply solutions.

The Fitzgibbon Chase project features a non-potable stormwater harvesting system (the FiSH) and potable roofwater harvesting system (PotaRoo). The FiSH diverts, filters and disinfects urban stormwater runoff to produce non-potable water suitable for irrigation, toilet flushing, laundry and outdoor uses. The PotaRoo harvests roofwater from approximately 500 homes in Fitzgibbon Chase, which is pumped to a central water treatment plant to produce water of potable quality.

It is estimated that the FiSH and PotaRoo are capable of achieving a 60% savings on normal mains water use.


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Event Details
Date & Time: 
Friday, 04 September 2020
  • Dr Michael Lawrence

Event Contact: AWMC Seminar Team