Australian Centre for Water
and Environmental Biotechnology

Bumper month for AWMC

Friday, 30 June 2017
  • Bumper month for AWMC

The past month has been an exceptional one for the Advanced Water Management Centre.

Director Zhiguo Yuan was announced as one of the 2017 Australian Laureate Fellows. The Laureate fellowships are the pinnacle of recognition in the Australian research field, and for Zhiguo to receive one of the fellowships is a well-deserved acknowledgement of his contributions to the field.

“This Fellowship is not merely a recognition of my own achievements, it is indeed a recognition of everyone’s effort and achievements in the Centre,” said Professor Yuan.

The Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme reflects the Commonwealth’s commitment to support excellence in research by attracting world-class researchers and research leaders to key positions, and creating new rewards and incentives for the application of their talents in Australia.

Professor Yuan’s Fellowship project will focus on methane bioconversion to liquid chemicals.

The project aims to develop a suite of leading-edge biotechnology solutions to enable the cost-effective production of liquid chemicals from biogas.

“By significantly increasing the value of biogas compared to its current use for power generation we can create a much stronger economic driver for biogas production from organic wastes,” said Professor Yuan.

With a multi-disciplinary approach, the project will substantially advance the fundamental science in the exciting and highly valuable area of anaerobic microbial conversion of methane.

This transformational research has a strong potential to create a new biotechnology sector producing high-value chemicals from methane, and will propel Australia to the forefront of sustainable resources research.

We also congratulate Dr Jianhua Guo on being awarded an Australian Future Fellowships 2017 for his project ‘Combating the spread of antibiotic resistance in urban water systems’.

Dr Guo’s project is expected to lead to the development of technologies to reduce antibiotic resistance genes, with applications for environmental and human health, and economic benefits for Australia.

In addition to this, AWMC’s Dr Sandra Hall was highly commended for Excellence in Leadership at the UQ Awards for Excellence. The UQ Awards celebrate leadership behaviour and staff achievement across all levels of the university.

Dr Paul Jensen received $8 million funding through the federal government’s Rural Research & Development programme for a project in collaboration with MLA and QUT, and Dr Shihu Hu received a national Research Innovation award.