Australian Centre for Water
and Environmental Biotechnology

Organised by The Advanced Water Management Centre at The University of Queensland.

The Urban Water Forum 2016 discussed the outcomes of the world class research being conducted at the AWMC, explored the on-ground challenges facing our urban focused partners and defined key research priorities that can help provide solutions.

The forum covered themes from the AWMC's research including;

  • Sewer Corrosion and Odour
  • Next Generation Technologies
  • Integrated Urban Water Management

Forum Proceedings

Prof Zhiguo Yuan, FTSE, Director AWMC

Session 1: Sewer Corrosion & Odour

The session covered several key issues related to sewer corrosion and odour with a particular focus on recent developments in the understanding of the problem and approaches for its effective management. Current needs of the industry were assessed, key challenges to the management of the problem on the ground level, especially in relation to the adaptation/application of available knowledge and tools were identified and suitable approaches for addressing the need of the industry and overcoming the identified challenges were discussed.

Presentation by Keshab Sharma
Presentation by Mark Hunting

Panel: Prof Zhiguo Yuan (AWMC), Guangming Jiang (AWMC), Keshab Sharma (AWMC), Mark Hunting (Gold Coast Water, City of Gold Coast) David Fillmore (Unitywater)

Session 2: Next Generation Technologies

This session covered a broad range of emerging technologies currently applicable to water and wastewater treatment processes with a particular focus on resource recovery and resource efficiency across the urban-industrial-agricultural nexus.

Presentation by Damien Batstone
Presentation by Colin Chapman

Panel: Paul Jensen (AWMC), Professor Zhiguo Yuan (AWMC, CRCWSC), Shihu Hu (AWMC), Colin Chapman (QUU), David Solley (GHD)

Session 3: Integrated Urban Water Management

While the integrated urban water management concept has been around for many years, getting practical implementation and demonstrating benefits from novel ideas have often been difficult. This session covered technologies and solutions that can achieve benefits across the entire urban water network, from drinking water to wastewater treatment. We discussed various integration concepts of decentralised solutions in the centralised networks. An increasing focus of our work is also on recovering resources through water recycling or direct separation and recovery of valuable compounds from urban water streams.

Presentation by Jurg Keller
Presentation by Chris Hertle

Panel: Professor Jurg Keller (AWMC, CRCWSC), Stefano Freguia (AWMC), Marie-Laure Pype (AWMC), Chris Hertle (GHD), Annalie Roux (Seqwater)

Closing Keynote - The Future of Urban Water Management

Richard Petterson, Executive Leader, Operations and Service Delivery, Queensland Urban Utilities