Australian Centre for Water
and Environmental Biotechnology

COVID-19 Update

Monday, 23 March 2020

Current AWMC research into COVID-19 can be found here

This is a challenging period for us all, with some significant changes to how the university, teaching and research are conducted. AWMC has measures in place to ensure that our research activities, our projects and lab work can continue as the situation evolves.

The centre has implemented essential social distancing practices, but we will also maintain our Occupational Health and Safety standards with a strong focus on personal hygiene.

We will have more people working remotely, but this will not impact research progress, with everyone still maintining communication channels.

Grant applications are still being completed, any impact on milestones or deliverables is being examined and factored into research continuity plans which will identify critical research activities and ensuring there are plans in place to be able to continue these.

HDR students will continue to progress. Milestones will still need to be completed, but may need to have these meetings virtually. All HDR students will need to plan and adjust projects in anticipation of continued impacts. UQ's latest information can be found on the COVID-19 FAQ page

This is a serious and constantly evolving situation, but we will work together to make sure our research and students are impacted as little as possible and ensure there are regular updates coming.