Australian Centre for Water
and Environmental Biotechnology

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forest (DAFF) Grant Success

Tuesday, 09 April 2013

The AWMC has been successful in securing an Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forest (DAFF) grant starting from July 2013 for approximately three years titled 'Anaerobic treatment for emissions reduction from solid manure residues'.

The external project partners will include Pork CRC, Australian Pork Limited, Australian Egg Corporation, Quantum Power Limited. The project will run in parallel to and interact with existing DAFF projects which are characterising manure emissions. There will be close collaboration with Feedlot Services Australia who is carrying out sampling and characterisation on the other projects.

Key UQ investigators include:
Associate Professor Damien Batstone - Named Chief Investigator/Project Director
Dr Stephan Tait - UQ Technical specialist - Integrated waste treatment systems
Dr Paul Jensen - UQ Technical specialist - Anaerobic Digestion
Dr Chirag Mehta - UQ Technical specialist - Nutrient recovery and reuse
Professor Zhiguo Yuan - UQ Technical specialist - Modelling of greenhouse gas emissions

The expected project outcome aim includes quantifying methane emissions from conventional storage and processing of solid manure residues (pig litter and egg manure and bedding) and will develop a processing technology to stabilise solid residues by anaerobic digestion. Outcomes will prevent volatilisation during collection, storage and land application of the manure product. The project is aimed at the future development of a Carbon Farming Initiative Methodology around the treatment technology.

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