Australian Centre for Water
and Environmental Biotechnology

End of an era as Beatrice Keller-Lehmann hangs up her lab coat

Thursday, 28 March 2019
  • Dr Beatrice Keller-Lehmann

The Advanced Water Management Centre has said farewell to one of its longest serving members of staff as Dr Beatrice Keller-Lehmann announced her retirement.

Joining The University of Queensland in 1991 as a postdoctoral research fellow, Dr Keller-Lehmann then took up a position as Research Officer in the Process Environmental Analysis Centre (PEAC) at the School of Chemical Engineering in 1993.

Beatrice became an official member of AWMC after being appointed to the role of Senior Research Officer – Chemist when PEAC was taken over by AWMC in 2000 and became the Analytical Services Laboratory (ASL) that we have today.

“The growth and continuing success of AWMC would not be possible without the services provided by the ASL and thanks to Beatrice’s hard work and passion over the last 18 years, the ASL is an invaluable resource for the centre,” Prof Zhiguo Yuan AM, Centre Director said.

In addition to running the ASL, Beatrice was also AWMC’s Workplace Health and Safety Coordinator, contributing to the safe and successful running of the centre’s many laboratories.

“We are all extremely grateful for Beatrice’s hard work and dedicated service,” said AWMC Director Professor Yuan AM.

Beatrice will be heading home to Switzerland to spend time with family before officially commencing her retirement.

She is looking forward to more travel with her husband Jurg, including plenty of hiking and kayak trips.