Australian Centre for Water
and Environmental Biotechnology

Project Dates: 2014 to 2016


The overall aim of this project is to deliver low-cost and low energy-consuming water treatment technologies that can be embedded in the urban landscape to produce for fit-for-purpose water from a variety of sources, including stormwater and grey-water. The project addresses critical gaps in existing national research efforts on urban water security, where decentralised fit-for-purpose water production provides an excellent opportunity to sustainably, reliably and cost effectively meet growing demands for water of appropriate quality by complementing centralised water supply systems.

The main objectives of this project include:

  1. Development of new sustainable technologies for stormwater and greywater treatment, focusing on novel and passive technologies for pathogen and chemical removal that can in many cases be incorporated into urban landscapes.
  2. Development of validation methods and operational monitoring regimes for sustainable low-tech passive treatment systems, which are applicable at a range of scales and targeted for both pathogens and chemicals of concern to human health.
  3. Development of guidance manuals and hand-over manuals for operators and end users for passive fit-for-purpose treatment systems.




  • The support of the Commonwealth of Australia through the Cooperative Research Centre Programme is acknowledged