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Dr Bing-Jie Ni wins Foundation Research Excellence Award

Wednesday, 16 September 2015
  • Dr Bing-Jie Ni

The Advanced Water Management Centre’s Dr Bing-Jie Ni has received a University of Queensland Foundation Research Excellence Award (FREA) in recognition of his ground-breaking research.

The technology Dr Ni plans to deliver will potentially lead to the development of a whole new biotechnology sector uniquely positioned for transitioning to a non-oil based economy.

AWMC Research Fellow Dr Bing-Jie Ni said the awarded project Microbial syngas conversion by mixed culture biofilm: transforming wastes into biofuel aims to develop a platform for storing and transporting liquid bio-products.

“As fossil oil is finite, the need for alternative fuels and industrial bulk substrates is obvious.

“Ultimately, we can replace non-renewable petroleum as a fuel source,” said Dr Ni.

“Organic waste is increasingly recognised as a substantial but largely untapped renewable fuel and chemical resource.”

Dr Ni’s project will enable a high-rate and high-yield conversion of syn(thesis)gas that can be generated through gasifying organic waste to improve its quality and energy density.

“My research is trying to derive new technologies that are economically attractive and environmentally acceptable, for the production of chemicals and energy sustainably through transforming organic waste into renewable fuel,” he said.

The University of Queensland Foundation Research Excellence Awards (UQ FREA) scheme is a means by which the University recognises demonstrated excellence and promise of future success in research, and the leadership potential of individual researchers in their respective fields.  

“I am both honoured and deeply humbled by winning such a highly prestigious award, which is of course a recognition of my work. But more importantly, I view this award as a new motivation for my research innovation at UQ,” said Dr Ni.


More information can be found on UQ News or the EAIT Researchers page.