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Masters students get a taste of new program

Friday, 29 March 2019
  • Students tasting water

If your water has a cherry or almond like off note it could be because of ozonation during water treatment, students have learned in the first class of the Drinking Water Supply: Source, Treatment and Distribution course as part of the new Master Program in Urban Water Engineering.

Led by Dr Marie-Laure Pype, the course covers engineering principles and practices associated with drinking water treatment and potable reuse, and their application and impacts in the context of water supply.

The 19 students participated in a water tasting session during the first week of the semester.

A variety of additives were used to simulate the different tastes that can be associated with certain water supply problems.

The students had to guess the flavour, apple or cucumber, sulphur or earth, and then match it with the possible cause of contamination.

β€œIt is encouraging to see such a strong interest in drinking water supply from outside our Master program, with 13 students from the other Engineering degrees also electing to take the course,” said Dr Pype.

The students have continued their coursework with a lab practical on water quality parameters measurement and jar testing, a drinking water treatment plant feasibility study project and will continue to take a hands-on approach throughout the semester.

The other classes held this semester include Professional Engineering and the Business Enviro: Global Practice Impact, Impact and Risk in the Process Industries and Urban Hydrology.