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Project Dates: 2008 to 2013


Optimal management of sewer systems has been hindered by a limited understanding of several key in-sewer processes, and the lack of tools and reliable technologies to support strategic decisions and cost-effective sewer operation. The value of public assets is being significantly diminished as a result of corrosion problems, with the replacement of concrete sewer pipes costing hundreds of millions of dollars yearly in Australia. The research project attempted filling in the above gaps and provided knowledge and technology support to the Australian water industry for cost-effective and efficient corrosion and odour management in sewers, delivering highly valuable outcomes for the Australian water industry.

The SCORe project was a five-year (12/2008 – 11/2013), $21M research project jointly funded by the Australian government ($4.7M) and many major water utilities in Australia. This was likely the largest ever research project worldwide focusing on sewer corrosion and odour. The project was collaboratively and successfully delivered by its five research and eleven industry partners.

The SCORe project was divided into four themes consisting of nine sub-projects as shown in the figure below.

SCORe project outline