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Sewer Research Team Wins IWA Award

Wednesday, 23 April 2014
  • Dr Barry Cayford worked on the project, ‘Sewer Corrosion and Odour Research Program: Putting Science in Sewers'.

The Sewer Corossion and Odour Research Program: Putting science in sewers, has been awarded the 2014 International Water Association Asia Pacific Regional Project Innovation Award for Applied Research.

The award, which will be presented next month in Singapore, recognises the substantial level of new knowledge, highly advantageous tools and innovative technologies that this research has uncovered to help water utilities across Australia deal with the huge problem of odour and corrosion in sewerage systems.

This five year project (completed 2013), the largest ever research project worldwide focussing on sewer corrosion and odour, was led by the Advanced Water Management Centre at The University of Queensland and successfully delivered by its five research and eleven industry partners; The University of New South Wales, The University of New Castle, The University of Sydney, Curtin University of Technology, Sydney Water Corporation, Barwon Water Corporation, CH2MHILL, City of Gold Coast, Hunter, Water Corporation, Melbourne Water Corporation, South Australian Water Corporation, South East Water Limited, Veolia Water Australia and New Zealand, Water Research Australia Limited, and Western Australia Water Corporation.

Prof Zhiguo Yuan, program leader, explains, “The team of world-class engineers, microbiologists, material scientists, analytical chemists and mathematical modellers has developed sustainable solutions to support the cost effective management of complex sewer corrosion and odour problems into the future. Within the lifetime of this project, our clients and partners have already saved several hundred million dollars. The project is fundamentally changing sewer corrosion and odour management in Australia and it will have an enduring impact on the global water industry.”

The Sewer Corrosion Odour Research Project “Putting Science into Sewers” will now represent the Asia Pacific region at the World Congress in Lisbon, Portugal to be awarded in September this year.

For more information please contact Prof Zhiguo Yuan or Dr Sandra Hall  0429 613 811

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