Australian Centre for Water
and Environmental Biotechnology

Project Dates: 2015 to 2018


Single Cell Protein (SCP) technologies represent a range of novel process options for treatment of waste streams while conserving carbon and nutrients in an upvalued product. These technologies produce edible unicellular microorganisms such as algae, yeasts, bacteria or fungi. The microorganisms can contain up to 70% crude protein and represent a protein source with multiple potential uses, including fertilizers, animal feeds, food supplements, and a source of raw protein – depending on the production process. When considering the direct value proposition for agri-cultural industries, such as the Australian red meat industry, the value of SCP produced from wastes could be 3-5 times higher than the energy mineral/nutrient value of the waste.

This project is exploring a range of novel technologies such as phototrophic bacteria for simultaneous organics, nitrogen and phosphorous capture. The research has established proof-of-concept and is progressing technology development towards continuous laboratory scale operation and future application at demonstration scale.