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Project Dates: 2017 to 2021


Premise plumbing (PP) systems have a number of characteristics that favour microbial growth, in both the water phase and the drinking water biofilms on the pipe surfaces. Drinking water biofilms, in particular, have been implicated an infectious source in these systems by supporting the complex ecology, persistence and increased pathogenicity of waterborne opportunistic pathogens (OPs) like Legionella spp. Such OPs may be transmitted through contaminated aerosols released by drinking water outlets to downstream users and susceptible individuals, leading to severe health implications.


There is currently limited understanding of the biofilm ecology in real systems; thus, the project aims to further improve an understanding of the ecology of Legionella in premise plumbing, as well as provide recommendations for the control strategies implemented to control Legionella in premise plumbing systems.


  • Queensland Health
  • Child Health Research Centre
  • Greenslopes Critical Unit
  • Metro North Public Health Unit
  • Griffith University