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Project Dates: 2021


Densification through residential infill development is expected to grow over the coming decades in Australia and globally, responding to increasing population and urbanisation. “How this growth will impact the urban water cycle?” and “How can it be done sustainably?” were two main overarching questions that this research project aims to answer. In particular, the joint influence of architectural design and water sensitive urban design technologies on local and city-wide water performance is being quantified and evaluated. The project helps to identify solutions that provide greater residential densities while minimising the negative impacts of developments on the urban water cycle. It also helps us better understand the complex interactions of natural, built-environment and socio-technological systems on water performance under population and climate change projections, residential land use dynamics, and uptake of emerging water technologies. 


  • Prof. Steven Kenway
  • Dr. Marguerite Renouf, Queensland University of Technology
  • Dr. Christian Urich, Monash University