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Webinar: Improving Water Performance from Infill Development

Infill development is having significant impact on all aspects of water in cities. It contributes to shifts in stormwater flows and flooding, evapotranspiration and cooling, as well as influencing flows of water and wastewater in reticulated networks. Consequently the pattern of development, and its water servicing, has large impacts on liveability, sustainability and affordability.

This presentation summarises research over the last three years in the CRC Water Sensitive Cities focussed on evaluating the performance of and designing alternative forms of, water sensitive development. Two case studies (Salisbury in Adelaide and Knutsford in Perth) are drawn on to identify key lessons.


Biography: Associate Professor Kenway leads the water-energy-carbon research group at UQ in the Advanced Water Management Centre. He has 30 years’ experience in research, industry, government, and consulting. His research addresses urban water management with particular attention to integrated planning, sustainable urban infill, water security, and renewable energy integration. He has authored over 115 peer-reviewed articles, and leads projects with the CRC Water Sensitive Cities (Infill Development), Asian Development Bank and Water Research Foundation.

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Date & Time: 
Friday, 17 April 2020
9am - 10am
  • A/Prof Steven Kenway

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